Kandinsky was born in Moscow, Russia in 1866. His parents played the piano and the zither and Kandinsky learned the piano and cello as a child. In 1886 he started to study at the University of Moscow. Do you know what he studied? He chose law and economics! After he finished studying, he became a lecturer at the university and taught law. So, when did he start his art?

Well, in 1895, Kandinsky went to an art exhibition where he saw Monetís Haystacks at Giverny. When he saw the picture, he couldnít see a haystack clearly! He was not happy and thought the artist had not done a good job. He did not like impressionist art.

When Kaninsky was 30 years old, he decided to make a big change in his life and so he left Moscow and went to Munich to study life drawing, sketching and anatomy. Very soon, Kandinskyís started exploring his own ideas of painting. His paintings changed from fluid and organic to geometric and, finally, to pictographic .

Today we think of Kandinsky as the founder of abstract art. His art was exhibited in Europe from 1903 onwards, and often people thought it was very strange and many people did not like it, but it was also appreciated by many artists from Europe to America.

In 1933, Kandinsky left Germany and went to Neuilly, France where he continued to paint until he died in June, 1944. Kandinksy never stopped trying to do new things with his art and the result was an amazing collection of abstract art.

All About Kandinsky


These are three of Monet's paintings
entitled Haystacks at Giveny.

Can you see a haystack?

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